Deep Learning

Train complex conversational AIs using only chat examples and our deep learning network. No coding required.

Small Talk Ready

Each AI comes with a core knowledge to handle common questions and create a more realistic interaction.


Hutoma developers can make their AIs available for hire and monetize their work through our marketplace

Powerful Analytics

Our analytics gives insights into how visitors find and interact with your AI.


Out of the box clients for telegram, facebook chat, slack as well as widgets for web or mobile apps

Fully Scalable

Our AIs are hosted on an high performance AWS sever farm and can scale automatically based on your needs

Use Cases

Customer Support

Reduce calls to your contact center with an AI that can talk to your customers in natural language and trained with past conversations and chat logs.

Messaging AI

Create text-based e-commerce AIs that can help you sell your inventory on a massive sales channel like telegram, facebook chat and SMS.

Digital Companion

Go beyond virtual assistants and create your own digital companion. Train your AI on any topic you would like and use text or speech to interact with it.

IoT Interfaces

Hutoma makes super easy to create and deploy siri-like interfaces on your web/mobile app, connected device, smart device or hardware project.

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